Current Version: 0.74

September 24th, 2014

CCExtractor news

Carlos is looking for a US based startup to join (it must be the US and a startup is preferred, .edus and multimedia companies are OK too). If you need someone with a knowledge of captioning/subtitles and a passion for programming feel free to get in touch. Note: I will need sponsorship.

Carlos will be in Silicon Valley in October for Google's Summer of Code's summit. If you want to meet - email :-)

2014 is being a great year for CCExtractor (lots of things happening, some very sought-after and some unexpected). - Google accepted CCExtractor for its amazing Summer of Code (read our GSOC pages for details). We got 3 great students to work on CCExtractor over the summer.
- 0.70 is the first version with code from Ruslan, Willem and Anshul. Lots of new features and rework.
- Moved to github from sourceforge for the source code repository. Official downloads (packaged source and binaries) are still in sourceforce.
- New website "soon". Not because we don't love our current state-of-art site, but because there's new features coming in CCExtractor that need a home to be showcased.
- Even more companies are using CCExtractor, and some -a welcome change- are even sending patches.