Current Version: 0.79

January 13rd, 2016


This page is no longer maintained. Please go to the new one.

You are welcome to contact us for anything related to CCExtractor at:mail

Please be patient if you don't get a reply immediately though.

- Bug reports: As every program, CCExtractor has bugs, and because it works on the output of external programs (video encoders, closed caption embedding software, etc), it also suffers the bugs of these programs. We make an effort to make CCExtractor as rebust as possible so even when the video streams are blatantly breaking specs we do what we can to make things work.

- Customization requests: One of CCExtractor's programmers and primary maintainer is available for hire for CCExtractor related work. Feel free to get in touch for a quote.

- Submit samples: Samples that make CCExtractor crash should be non-existent, yet they do exist in nature. These are the most interesting samples to us. Second to this type of sample is the kind where data is supposed to be there (you can see it with some media player) yet CCExtractor can't find it.