Current Version: 0.74

September 24th, 2014


Some words from Carlos, CCExtractor's author and maintainer:

CCExtractor already does all I need it to do, and a lot more. This means that all future development needs to be sponsored or it's unlikely to happen.

The wishlist is rather large; CCExtractor is used by many -considering it's such a niche thing- companies (news aggregator, media clip companies, broadcast companies, TV stations, universities) and many have specific requirements: new input or output formats, compability with specific platforms and so on. I'm happy to continue working on CCExtractor, but it just is not going to happen on my personal time. As a program for my own use, it already exceeds my needs, and of course I have other pet projects to work on.

In short: If your company needs anything done on CCExtractor, and you want me to do it, you will need to hire me.

Of course I will continue to apply 3rd party patches and do regular bug fixing as reports arrive.

Note: Google accepted CCExtractor for their amazing Summer of Code. They're paying for 3 developers to work on CCExtractor over the summer. So things are happening. Check the GSOC page for details.