Current Version: 0.79

January 13rd, 2016


Some words from Carlos, CCExtractor's author and maintainer:

CCExtractor started out as a pet project to satisfy a personal need. That goal was achieved a long time ago, but since then CCExtractor has made its way into a number of large setups in corporations and universities. Development continues thanks to the involvement of some major users and contributors:

- Google, with their amazing Summer of Code program paid 3 students during 2014 to work on CCExtractor. They happened to be top coders. We got again in 2015 and we also had a great team.
- Red Hen, a consortium of universities working on multimodal research. Universidad de Navarra, one of Spain's top universities and part of Red Hen is currently contracting me to assist in launching their Red Hen node. Because CCExtractor is a key tool in a Red Hen node this contract is a way to fund CCExtractor development.
- Comcast, which hired me some years ago for the first large CCExtractor customization.
- Some individual users who from to time donate a bit via PayPal; of course financially it's not a lot but it does wonders for morale.

The roadmap for CCExtractor is defined by the entities that sponsor their development. Red Hen in particular needs CCExtractor to be a global tool - capable of getting subtitles from any file that has them. There's still a few countries that have subtitles CCExtractor cannot deal with. Supporting them is one of the priorities.