Current Version: 0.69

April 5th, 2014

CCExtractor news

Carlos is looking for a US based startup to join (it must be the US and a startup is preferred, .edus and multimedia companies are OK too). If you need someone with a knowledge of captioning/subtitles and a passion for programming feel free to get in touch. Note: I will need sponsorship.

Carlos will spend June in the US West Coast. If you want to meet - email :-)

2014 is being a great year for CCExtractor (lots of things happening, some very sought-after and some unexpected). Here's a number of things are that happening or are going to happen soon:

- Google has accepted CCExtractor for its amazing Summer of Code (read our GSOC pages for details). This means a (yet unknown) number of highly talented students will be joining the project over the summer to work on it full time. We've already talked with candidates and we're very excited to have some of them on board.
- The new generation of programmers (such as GSOC's students) really prefer git to CVS, even for a "small" program like CCExtractor. Anyway, we'll migrate to git soon.
- New website "soon". Not because we don't love our current state-of-art site, but because there's new features coming in CCExtractor that need a home to be showcased.
- 0.70 will be released by mid-May. It will be a code clean-up and reorganization release (plus bugfixes as needed).
- Even more companies are using CCExtractor, and some -a welcome change- are even sending patches.